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I’ve told my buddies a million times that I’m not interested in going clubbing with them, but do you think they understand? While they might love trying their best to get a girl from the club, I much prefer to spend my time on a sure thing. They don’t understand that while they’re in that seedy place I’m online looking at local escorts in Turin. Not only that I am also making sure that when the weekend comes I’m not home alone or out there trying to pick up.

I have a sure thing going and although I’ve tried my best to explain it to them they simply can’t understand. In their mindset, they don’t believe that a gorgeous looking call girl would ever want to go out on a date with someone like me. I think they’d be very surprised at what some of these girls will do, even with an average looking man like myself. I’d like to tell them all the gossip, but I don’t kiss and tell, besides I am not sure that they would even believe me if I did.

I’m quite happy to just keep on doing what I am doing. I might not score with all the escorts, but I sure do make those moments count when and if it does happen. I am not the type of guy that is going to let any opportunity slip by. If I can I will reach out with both hands and grab it. Right now I am about to organize yet another local escort date. I have a very good feeling about this girl, there is just something in her eyes that is telling me to pick her. Once I do she is going to show me why certain choices in life can really define who you are!

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